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Link’spiration™ April 23rd – MacGyver Edition

Link'spiration Engage LearnersLink’spiration – A chance to be surprised and inspired by unexpected connections

How many problems do you solve on a daily basis? We think Instructional Designers could easily include “Problem Solver” on their business cards. We are always searching for answers, making recommendations, and providing quick decisions for large and small problems.

Get inspired

All 5:15 minutes of this video are worth watching. It is the story of a group of boys who create an unbelievable solution to their problem.
What if Nothing is Impossible

Keep it simple

We aren’t asking you to admit it, but sometimes, Instructional Designers can be known to overdo a design (maybe just a little). This article is a great reminder that excellent design doesn’t have to be complicated.
What We Can Learn About Instructional Design from Post-it™ Notes

Question assumptions

What if we rethink how we use scenarios? We often get so caught up in learners choosing the right path, but what if we created a scenario where learners were encouraged to explore wrong paths? Learners often need permission for failure or exploration, so we should give it to them.
Scenarios – Ethics Training

Tweaking an old problem

Comic Sans. We love to hate it. But, what if it were re-imagined?
Comic Neue

Adjacent professions

In case you are looking to put your instructional design skills to work in a different way, consider this article. The world really does need Instructional Designers, even if they don’t realize it yet.
Ten Reasons Why Instructional Designers Make Great Content Marketers

What inspires you? What problem solving tips do you have? Join our conversation below.