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Ahoy! AllenComm, Training Consulting Company, Creates Pirate Performance Map

To celebrate, here at AllenComm, we’ve donned our tri-corn hats, strapped on our sabers and created a pirate performance map to ensure a successful voyage.

The Skills You'll Need For SuccessSalt Lake City (September 19, 2012) – Few lubbers realize that most pirate crews were made up almost entirely of volunteers. A right big share of a voyage’s booty and fair treatment was the best way to retain a skilled an experienced group of scalawags.

And while we spent most of our time training on the quick loading and aiming of our 18 pounders, to celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day we thought it might be a jolly jig to map out what other skills might have come in handy to exploring the seven seas and making in home safely, and with our holds full of coin.

The pirate performance map is our way to show a bit of how we help our clients create a roadmap to success. Using AllenComm’s proven ANSWER analysis, we took a light-hearted look at the skills each crewmember would need at each phase of the voyage to achieve the groups organizational goals. The result is our Pirate Performance Map. Enjoy, maties!

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