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The Future of Mobile Learning, What T&D Professionals Have to Say

The Future of Mobile Learning, What T&D Professionals Have to Say

We recently surveyed training and development professionals to get a better understanding of their views on the future of mobile learning. We were enlightened by the information that we gathered. For instance, 92% of T & D pros aren’t currently using mobile in their training. A whopping 97% do, however, plan on using mobile within the next 12 months.

We’re always looking at ways to help our clients stay ahead of the curve, and with mobile learning looming large on the horizon, last year we incorporated our rapid needs analysis tool into a mobile app, DesignJot. DesignJot has won many awards including a Bersin Learning Leaders award and has become increasingly popular for instructional design professionals (many of those who work for our competitors).

We knew if we had success with our own mobile learning experience, we could provide the same success to our clients, and our expertise has translated directly into successful, award winning mobile projects for many of our clients. For instance, we helped JetBlue University deliver their first mobile learning solution that has recently won a Communicator award.

Our journey into the implementation of mobile technology has helped us to gain insight a powerful learning delivery method. Our goal is to help our clients in the training and learning departments to not just keep up with other internal groups, like marketing, in their use of mobile technology, but to truly be leaders within their respective organizations. We are happy to share this insight in a collection of blog posts on mobile learning.

Now, to show you what you’ve been waiting for: The Future of Mobile Learning Infographic