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Creating an Instructional Design Company that is Roaring with Creativity

elearning dinosaurAt Allen, we are known and appreciated for our incredibly sound instructional design skills. We are also proud to have customers take a peek at our incredibly talented instructional designers. In a corporate training industry that is constantly transforming as a new media-savvy generation of learners enters the workplace, we are happy to showcase instructional design consultants who possess original and imaginative capabilities. These capabilities help produce training that engages learners like never before.

Today we are excited to share work from instructional designer Russell Cardon. Russell’s illustrations were recently published in the children’s book Vegesaurus Rex. While Russell’s creative capacity does not rest solely on the tails of dinosaurs, they are his favorite subjects to draw. While Russell enjoys applying his creative talents for Allen’s incredible customers, he also looks forward to illustrating the on-going adventures of Vinny the Vegesaurus Rex.

We strive to be an instructional design company that respects and promotes creativity.

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