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How Top Training Companies Leverage Expertise for Successful Training and Development

Do you want to become your customer’s hero? Top Training companies do! Using knowledge and experience among individuals within your organization is the true key to creating the most successful training programs.

Years ago I was facilitating a class in the corner room of a high-rise, when whoomp, a window washer, using a handle with two suction cups, latched onto one of the classroom windows.  I lost the students, but learned a valuable lesson as I watched the window washer swing from window to window, expertly cleaning each one.

He followed a simple, effective method on each window:  latch on, wash, squeegee.   The squeegee is what really caught my attention.  He didn’t start at the top and pull down, then repeat the same motion while moving across the window.  Instead, he started at the bottom and pulled up, then down and across in one fluid swirling motion, never removing the squeegee from the glass and always angling the squeegee so the dirty fluid flowed away from the clean glass.  No drips, no streaks, no runs.

I would never have thought to wash the window the way he did.  But he was clearly the expert.

Since then, I’ve tried to leverage experts whenever possible. As an training manager, I tapped SMEs for content.  As a training manager I selected training vendors to fill gaps in my training organization.  As a project manager at Allen, I leverage the expertise of instructional designers, graphic artists, and programmers to create the best training and performance solutions possible.

We each have our own expertise, but success is largely dependent on leveraging the expertise of others.

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