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How Quickly Can Your Talent Develop and be Optimized?

What is your response when company executives ask your training and development team questions like, “How can we get new employees productive in 30 days or less?”, or “What is your plan to help acclimate employees from our newly acquired company and get them engaged?”, or “How do we optimize our talent and ensure they are in the right roles?”

There are no easy answers to these questions. But many companies have developed best practices to help them effectively navigate these and other training issues. Learn what methods have had a day one impact at the Learning Leader’s Conference on September 26, 2011 at Hamburger University, in Oak Brook, IL. Join me and my panel of leaders as we explore how to build the road map and leverage internal resources, and how to ensure that the tools, resources and support are in place to provide the learning experiences and coaching as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We’ll be discussing the best practices for accelerating training and development for existing and newly acquired employees. Learn how well-run companies who have been acquired can adopt new products, brands, systems and their new culture.

Key Questions We Plan to Address Include:

  • How can development be accelerated throughout the life cycle of each employee?
  • What are examples of development assignments and learning programs aligned with business goals and demonstrate results?
  • What type of involvement from management accelerates the pipeline and impacts results?
  • Where are the tools, resources, support that will enable managers to coach their employees efficiently and effectively?
  • How can you build momentum with quick wins and marketing?

The panelists that will be joining me are seasoned learning learners from insurance professional services and the hospitality industry.

The panel will discuss a comprehensive approach to internal talent development that can have a significant and measurable impact on the satisfaction of your employees and the bottom line of your company right on day one, instead of day 21. A lot of companies just don’t know where to start, but we’ll show what existing learning assets to leverage and how to define a clear path for the program that shows immediate impacts and extends throughout the employee life cycle.

So register now and plan on joining me and the Learning Leader Panelists in this interactive conversation with session participants. Walk away with a list of best practices and lessons learned. View a clip from a previous panel discussion below.