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AllenComm Maintenance Course Cuts Out the Waste

AllenComm designs extruder knife maintenance training for food producers that improves production.

SALT LAKE CITY (August 25, 2010) — What would you do if a fraction of an inch could throw off your whole production line and cost you money due to product waste, inconsistencies in quality, and safety issues? A global food production company decided to turn that fraction of an inch in costs into a knife alignment training course to reduce unnecessary expenses, speed up ramp up times, and cut product waste.

Working together with Allen Communication Learning Services (Allen), the food production company developed online training for their manufacturing and plant employees to ensure production line remained at top efficiency. One of the ways the food production company and Allen accomplished this task is by expanding the reach of the company’s in-house subject matter experts and quality assurance personal through their best practices. By repurposing this expert content to create the training, the food production company dealt with potential production issues before they arose.

The first course in this series, Knife Alignment for Maintenance, rolled out this month. The Knife Alignment for Maintenance developed with the food production company addresses and helps resolve the large number of calls placed to the food production company’s employee support center when a fraction is off with the extruder knife component. Developed using the courseware authoring tool Articulate, the course is set up in smaller modules based on different aspects of cleaning, caring, and using the extruder knife for consistency in safety and production across every manufacturing plant.

Realizing that this proactive approach implemented via custom training would save them money, time, and allow them to retain tribal knowledge, the food production company is now developing courses that will help their employees maintain consistency and increase quality while decreasing new employee ramp-up times during the manufacturing process.

“Much like many of our partnerships, Allen is proud to act as an extension of our customer’s internal training team and scale to meet new and existing needs,” states Ron Zamir, President and CEO of Allen Communication Learning Services. “Using today’s leading instructional design and visualization strategies, we can emulate manufacturing training through the web. For the global companies we serve, scaling best practices while lowering mistakes and downtime is an economic necessity.”

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About AllenComm:

For three decades, the learning and development experts at Allen Communication Learning Services () have helped many of the world’s largest companies sharpen their organizational performance. Allen expands their client’s capabilities by using progressive approaches in custom training, e-learning, and blended learning development, as well as learning portal development and technologies. This bold approach results in highly-customized organizational training solutions that help departments scale and achieve more, while improving ROI.