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Inovis Partners with Allen Communication to Support Users

Inovis launches customized learning portal and content to support roll-out of

SALT LAKE CITY (November 03, 2003) — Inovis, a developer of award-winning software, provides business commerce automation solutions including connectivity, business process management, value-added network, and other managed services to support electronic B2B trading communities. Inovis came to Allen Communication because they wanted a state of the art e-learning solution that would be customized to their specific needs without the need to adopt a full-fledged learning management system (LMS). The project combined custom content and a customized learning portal to help Inovis’ customers get the most out of their new application, This next generation trading platform will be generally available next month, providing productivity enhancements, greater visibility and control of data, and additional capabilities to support business commerce automation initiatives. The web-based training that Allen Communication has developed will roll out in tandem with the application so that users will have ready access at the point of need.

John Mecke, vice president of product management comments, “When Inovis identified a need to train 12,000 customers on a new offering we knew that e-learning was going to be the ideal option. After investigating leading e-learning solution providers, Allen Communication Learning Systems was the obvious choice. Not only was our courseware delivered on time and on budget, the quality of the solution significantly exceeded our expectations.”

Allen Communication and Inovis collaborated in a design consisting of three parts: first, a 5-minute Guided Tour to provide a customer-centric introduction to; second, a 30-minute Tutorial to orient new users to the main functions of the new software; and third, a 10-minute Quick Start that provides a faster overview of new functionality for existing clients.

According to Michael Noble, director of courseware for Allen Communication, “Our goal was to make the development and deployment as seamless as possible—for both Inovis and its clients. By guiding learners to explore the application interface and demonstrating the improved tracking and administration features, the training helps to ensure that learners have a positive experience with the new software, so they take full advantage of the new features.”

Ron Zamir, president of Allen Communication Learning Services concludes, “By launching its managed learning portal, Allen Communication continues to innovate in a otherwise confusing landscape. As in the case of Inovis, Allen Communication provides custom content wrapped with learning management functionality suited for those clients looking for rapid and cost-effective training for their products and services.”



About Inovis, Inc.

Inovis™, Inc. helps companies to rapidly and cost-effectively implement business commerce automation solutions that facilitate efficient trading with customers and suppliers. With almost 20 years of experience and more than 20,000 customers, the company provides a complete line of software, managed services and professional services that enable companies to gain compliance with leading industry trading communities and standards. Inovis acquired IPNet Solutions in July 2003, adding to its product and service portfolio a comprehensive line of flexible and secure EDI/INT solutions. These solutions are certified eBusinessReady in AS1, AS2, CPFR and ebXML by the Uniform Code Council Inc. (UCC) and the Drummond Group Inc. (DGI). Inovis is a trademark of Inovis, Inc. Get2Connect is a service mark of Inovis, Inc.