Meet changing needs in a continually evolving industry.

The tools we use to connect in both business and personal arenas are changing rapidly on a local and global level. As new advancements in technology and communications continue to emerge, it is imperative for your employees to acquire ongoing training that reflects the latest developments in the field—and most importantly, keeps you ahead of your competition.

At AllenComm we understand that staying ahead of the technology curve is vital to your company’s success. We offer customized training strategies and solutions that go beyond the fundamentals of the technology and communications industry. We help raise the impact of Learning and Development across your organization enabling you and your team to provide your employees with job-specific skills that will help them offer effective, up-to-date solutions to your clients.

Staying ahead of the technology curve is vital to your company's success.



Technology and communications is a highly competitive field. AllenComm’s instructional design professionals have over 30 years of experience creating training for foundational technology and communications products and processes, as well as state-of-the-art technologies and emerging systems. Global powerhouses count on us for training that engages learners in exploratory activities designed to increase employee expertise and energize the workforce such as:

  • A simulation-based audio and video curriculum to educate salespeople on new products, while strengthening essential sales skills, such as active listening and customer needs analysis
  • Instructor-led certification modules that include engaging video scenarios and fun skill-building gamification, to build the competence and confidence in workers performing cleaning services
  • Innovative 360 video and VR/AR application for training sales and support teams on new product and services


Innovation and thinking outside the box of conventional learning systems is the best way to connect multi-modal learning solutions to the challenges your employees face. We take the time to understand your employees and the gaps they may have in knowledge and skill or with connecting to your target customers. We then work with your L&D team to create effective custom training that increases individual employee performance, which in turn increases organizational strength.


Our clients in the technology and communications industry need ongoing training that keeps them on the cutting edge of products and services training. When one global technology company needed to create a sense of ownership and awareness for a new division, AllenComm helped create a training program that enabled employees to understand new product offerings and the effect they could have on the company’s overall success. Employees gained a sense of pride and awareness toward the new brand along with improved skills, performance, and productivity. The solution became the most successful in the company’s history.

Inadequate training in the technology and communications field can lead to poor performance, low productivity, and costly downtime. That’s why our training solutions target the skills your employees will use daily to enhance job performance. AllenComm partners with you to provide practical training that will give your employees both know-how and pride in their work to help meet your company goals.

Technology and Communications Training Examples