Scalable Rapid ILT to digital conversion  

AllenComm will scope and estimate projects within 1-2 days of receiving sample content..

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Quickly convert Instructor-led Training (ILT) events into either Virtual-ILT (V-ILT) or digital learning. By focusing on conversion and making use of existing digital assets and processes the solution can be implemented in as little as 1 – 5 weeks. Existing technology platforms will address the difficult challenges of being able to set up hosting, distribution, and tracking of the assets being converted.



IsraAID sought a rapid solution for combating the mental health challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic in communities they serve.

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The American Organization for Nursing Leadership sought rapid solutions to reduce the stress their nurse leaders were experiencing.

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In partnership with the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry, we created guides to help cope with anxiety and the lockdown.

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The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide developed a course to meet the needs of educators managing teen students online.

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Convert ILT to Digital Learning

Convert your existing ILT into self-paced digital learning by providing us the existing ILT materials, and we employ industry best practices to adapt it to a digital learning experience. Each solution includes a branded and mobile-ready user interface (UI) and activities from AllenComm’s signature UI and activity library.

Convert ILT to VILT

Conversion of in-person training sessions into V-ILT sessions for Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, WebEx, Zoom, and other applicable platforms. There are four options to rapidly convert your content: Repurpose ILT to VILT, Reorient ILT to VILT with digital assets, Remix ILT to Blended Learning, or Redesign for business transformation.

Content Delivery

AllenComm can set up temporary content management and distribution sites which can: schedule V-ILT sessions, host/distribute online content, and provide tracking. This will allow you to deliver new learning assets without having to worry about getting it up on your LMS.