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Engagement Weekly: Engagement Tactics For the New Year

  1. Pen Jayme Jenkins
  2. Calendar December 29, 2015

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look into organizational game plans for the new year, the benefits of consistent feedback and how to give employees the belief that their work matters.

Get the full stories below.

1. 4 Things to Put on Your Agenda in 2016

Inc.com – It’s important for organizations to find out and understand what their employees value the most and from that, organize personalized engagement tactics. Read More

2. 5 Changes Companies Need to Make in Their HR Strategies – No

Eremedia.com – From continual feedback to real-time recognition, organizations need to revamp how they initiate employee engagement and how they approach annual employee reviews. Read More

3. Culture Still Eats Strategy for Breakfast: And It’s Not as Hard to Shape as You Think

Huffingtonpost.com – Companies are more effective when they shape their culture around volunteering and giving efforts. Read More

4. Closing the Engagement Gap: 5 Ways to Show Work Matters

Jostle.me – Giving employees the belief that their work matters helps increase employee engagement. Read More

5. 3 Secrets to Employee Social Marketing

Elevationb2b.com – When employees become company advocates on their personal social networks, they have the power to increase a company’s social media reach. Read More

6. 5 Gamification Techniques to Boost Non-Office Employees Engagement

Beekeeper.ch – Gamification within workplace culture can provide new opportunities for companies with remote workers to lower the learning curve and increase work performance. Read More

7. The Interplay of Employee Empowerment, Rules & Trust

Jostle.me – Employers need to hire people they trust and empower them by releasing the knowledge, experience and motivation the employees already have within them. Read More

8. 4 Important Ways to Look at Employee Well-Being ‘Holistically’

Entrepreneur.com – Looking at employee health as a whole can lead to a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. Read More

9. Your Terrible Rules are Killing Morale: How to Fix Your Antiquated Policies

Business.com – It’s important to get rid of rules that hurt employee morale and instead instill rules that employees understand, value and follow. Read More

10. Performance Reviews: The Benefits of Getting Social with Feedback

Personneltoday.com – Performance reviews are dying and social recognition is taking its place, with more consistent feedback. Read More

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