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Envision the Future of Training

Learning Leaders are the Future of Training

Somewhere in a vast metropolis, a cry rings out in the night: “We need help! The forces of outdated technology and boring training solutions have captured our employees! What can we do? Who will help us?”

Suddenly, a light appears off in the distance. Four silhouettes leap over buildings, dodge around obstacles, and fly through the skies: could it be? Is it them? Yes, our heroes have arrived in the nick of time!

Introducing the AllenComm Avengers! With Cutting Edge, Exabyte, Adapt-a-Girl, and Ralphie the Mix Master, these heroes of learning and development will create, innovate, and strategize to the rescue! Working as a team, they bring their individual skill sets together to take on the toughest challenges.

Who are these heroes, you say? Well, they represent ways that you can approach corporate training.

Cutting Edge, AKA Trailblazer, loves to try new approaches to training and to pioneer creative solutions. Watch as he brings visionary ideas to defeat humdrum training.
Exabyte is a go-getter, a driver of organizational growth who loves to get things done. Her dauntless, unstoppable drive takes your game plan and runs with it.
A true game changer, Adapt-a-Girl is focused and determined, using proven strategies and rigorous standards to produce measurable results.
And finally, Ralphie the Mix Master is a multi-approach strategist. He brings a strong blend of everything to the team, approaching problems and obstacles with diversified, well-rounded solutions.

What you may not realize is that simply by showing an interest in professional learning and development, you have the potential to be an instructional superhero.

Check back with us every week this month to see how AllenComm can help focus your type of training style into something heroic. Next week: the AllenComm Avengers tackle onboarding.

Take our quiz to determine what kind of learning leader you are — are you bold and creative like Cutting Edge? Driven to develop and accomplish like Exabyte? Or are you results-based and data-centric like Adapt-a-Girl? Maybe you have all the skills wrapped up in one amazing Mix Master Ralphie? Take the quiz now to find out!