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Engagement Weekly: Crafting Team Happiness

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at some fundamentals for team happiness, as well as some reasons why your engagement strategy might not be working, and some different methods you might want to try.

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1. The Hot New Trend Employers are Using to Motivate Workers – Need to motivate employees? Pay them to exercise so your productivity goes up. Read More

2. Why Your Employee Engagement Strategy Isn’t Working

Business2Community – If your team seem happy and satisfied, but your productivity is still waning, it may be time to ask yourself what your internal communications are telling them. Read More

3. How Did Walmart Get Cleaner Stores and Higher Sales? It Paid Its People More

The New York Times – Can the answer to what ails the global economy be found in the people in blue vests at your neighborhood Walmart? Read More

4. What Chocolate Chip Cookies Teach You About Employee Engagement

Business2Community – There is a direct correlation between willpower and success. Studies have found that not only is it correlated with success, but that willpower is a muscle that can be fatigued. Read More

5. 5 Fundamentals for Team Happiness – Making sure employees feel valued, wanted and happy can improve overall productivity and save money Read More

6. Why You Should be Using Video to Strengthen Employee Engagement and Loyalty

Vidyard – While it’s not the easiest thing to make employees feel engaged, it can be done if an organization is committed to its employees beyond a superficial level. And it should be done. Read More

7. 5 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement Through Volunteering

Causecast – If you’re searching for ways to ratchet up employee engagement, start with this truth: people aren’t looking for a job, they’re looking for a purpose. Read More

8. 4 Types of Workspaces Businesses Are Providing to Maximize Employee Engagement and Productivity

theUCbuyer – Collaboration, privacy and quiet spaces enhance workforce satisfaction and productivity. Read More

9. What it Takes to be a Likeable Leader

Undercover Recruiter – Employee engagement is a perennial HR topic but I think the more interesting question here is whether or not it matters if the boss is likeable. Read More

10. Remote Working, Without a Remote Experience

ITProPortal – How do you attract the right kind of employees that will enhance your business and make it a wonderful place to work? Research shows that HR leaders consider culture and engagement their number one challenge. Read More