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Can Corporate Training Cure Every Company Problem?

Because good corporate training can have a positive effect on so many aspects of your company, we can sometimes overlook the things training can’t do. But it can be just as important to recognize when corporate employee training programs might not be the right fit, need to be combined with another tactic or should be tweaked to be more effective.

That’s why AllenComm put together a list of seven common corporate training myths, as well as the facts to set each myth straight. See the SlideShare below for more information.




Training isn’t the corporate cure-all we would sometimes like it to be. That’s why it’s important to analyze the source of whatever problems you’re hoping to solve. While training can often help mitigate issues, if the root is in poor management, employee conflicts or an inefficient process then training alone isn’t going to have the impact you want.


Your learners are not going to instinctively understand how to make the most of training. People learn at different rates, and the ability to grasp new concepts can vary. So many things affect retention and understanding that you need to build in performance support for those who need it. Things like more explicit goals, scenarios and in-person mentoring can help learners make a stronger connection between training and on-the-job skills.


The way people find information now is far more targeted and interactive. Because of things like YouTube, Google and other tools, your learners are not going to be content with a long, boring chunk of training. You need to let them explore the information and make mistakes as they go. Turning learning into a process of discovery and preparing employees to learn from failure will make your company stronger.


Even the best corporate training programs won’t be successful if learners don’t know they exist. Part of the success of your program is effectively communicating to employees the value of the training to engage and motivate them to take it. Build the marketing of your program into the design of the training itself. With a great communication plan in place, you will see greater success.


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