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Top Seven Signs of Engaged Employees

How do you know if employees are engaged?

Many of us are seeing the impact of engaged employees in the workforce. When your people are better engaged, you have more loyal, satisfied customers who drive revenue. However, knowing about the impact of engagement is just the start. How do you know if employees are engaged and how do you start creating a culture that encourages it?

To help you start focusing on different ways to create engaged employees, you need to know what the signs are for engaged and disengaged people. It’s easier to see disengaged employees. They are the ones making excuses to avoid being in the office, getting defensive or deflecting blame for missteps, avoiding responsibility and not meeting deadlines. Sometimes it can be harder to see the committed, involved people.

When someone does their job, does it well and cares about the company, they often don’t call attention to themselves. But knowing what to look for so you can foster and recognize it is important.

Top 7 Signs of Engaged Employees

  1. Good, open communication. Engaged employees do not just talk to the people around them. They seek and give useful feedback. They keep coworkers and managers informed about projects. They care about making sure you understand what they mean and vice versa. They’re both open to communication and good at it.
  2. Positive experience for others. Trying to have a good work environment is one thing, but the best employees make work better for others too. Whether it’s through constructive conversations, strong mentoring or a good outlook, they will make your office a better place to be.
  3. Big picture, collaborative outlook. Truly engaged employees look beyond tactics or tasks and work toward a larger goal. They also bring others along on that journey. They want others to succeed and achieve too.
  4. Looks for and shares ways to improve. Because they’re not focused simply on day-to-day tasks, involved employees are also perfectly positioned to see ways the team can improve. They are the ones who are looking for and sharing ways to improve your processes, become more efficient and save money.
  5. Exceeds goals and expectations. This should be apparent, but sometimes it’s too easy to move to the next project without evaluating how your team members performed. Engaged employees typically will surpass the goals you set for them. In the rare instance a project does not go as planned, they will be the first to analyze it and take lessons from that to future projects.
  6. Personal and professional development. You can’t necessarily measure engagement by how many hours people put in at the office. But their behavior in the office will tell you about their attitude. Are they excited to learn new skills? Do they look for conferences, workshops, speaking opportunities, or courses that will help them get better? Those who are engaged will want to learn and grow.
  7. Referrals, replenishment and turnover. You can always see the effect of engagement in your hiring process and turnover. Are people referring their friends? Are you able fill open positions and promote from within the company? Do employees stay with the company longer term? These are all indications of engaged employees.

If you see these qualities in your employees, reward and encourage them. You want to cultivate a culture of engagement that will spread throughout the company. If your company is struggling with a lack of involvement, begin working with managers on the ways they can impact commitment. Don’t get discouraged. You can help create engaged employees by beginning to recognize the signs and building a culture that fosters engagement.

What positive signs of engagement do you see in your employees?