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Link’spiration™ May 21st – Consumer Education

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Think about the next big purchase you plan on making. What kinds of research will you do? Read customer reviews? Compare industry reports? Ask your social media groups? Dependence on these types of forums has become essential to how we shop and has opened the door for companies to create robust consumer education platforms. Companies can add their voice to the conversation and extend their marketing reach by speaking to and educating consumers about products, services, initiatives, and usability.

Here are some great consumer education initiatives we’ve been looking at.

This free app teaches fitness while also promoting all things Nike.

Public interest
Not all consumer education is driven by sales; in fact, this informative piece by the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability is about promoting awareness and providing resources.
Money As You Grow

Brand perception
Rebranding an improved a product doesn’t work very well if your audience doesn’t understand how the product has been enhanced to add more value. This Fortune 500 Company is using an educational strategy to reach their audience and create loyal customers.
Case Study: Increase Brand Perception

Great causes
The World Wildlife Fund has a fantastic mobile example of consumer education. They’ve taken advantage of the functionality of mobile devices and created a compelling campaign that teaches with visual power.
World Wildlife Fund Together

Google it
In addition to being a keeper of information, Google is also producing education about online computer safety.
Google Safety Center

Show me how
If you want to sell something better on eBay, be sure to check out their eBay Shows Me How videos that quickly share expert tips. These short pieces provided time of need information about how to get the most out of what eBay has to offer.
eBay Shows You How

What types of consumer education do you rely on? Share your experiences in the comments below.