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Link’spiration™ January 8th – The Future is Later? The Future is Now.

Link'spirationLink’spiration™ – A chance to be surprised and inspired by unexpected connections

We’re delighted to welcome a new year. In addition to turning our thoughts to top trends, 2014 has us feeling futuristic. What kind of advancements will this year bring or begin, specifically to the learning industry?

Before sharing some ideas, we want to recognize that the present has significant wisdom to share with the future. If you could tell your future self just one thing, what would it be? Why not write yourself a letter that will be delivered electronically a few years down the road?

Futureme – Write a Letter to Your Future Self

Perhaps you might encourage your future self to spend less time with machines and more time with people—we’re going out on a limb to predict that goal will get harder and harder. And speaking of voices from the past, here’s a video from 2011 that looks more plausible every day.

A Day Made of Glass

Along those same lines, check out these futuristic kitchen appliances: a remote control oven and singing fridge.

Remote Control Oven

Singing Fridge

Most futuristic innovation comes from riffing on what exists. This seems obvious, and yet the general resistance to skeuomorphism suggests that perhaps we expect ourselves (or designers of tools we use) to reinvent the wheel every time. Read this interesting defense for skeuomorphism.


One interesting instance of skeuomorphism is the commonly held notion that artificial intelligence must be humanlike. This article from Wired debunks that notion and makes an interesting argument for those of us in training and development: “Before the end of this century, 70 percent of today’s occupations will likewise be replaced by automation.” Don’t believe it? Read the article.

Better Than Human

For an interesting example of how machines might make their way into talent management, read this fascinating piece on big data and the science of hiring.

They’re Watching You at Work

However you stumble, rush, or sneak into the future, be prepared to embrace the inevitable failure you’ll encounter on your way.

Fail Fast, Fail Often

What kind of advancements do you think this year will bring? Join our conversation below.