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Introducing DesignJot, The First iPad App for Training Professionals

Introducing DesignJot, The First iPad App for Training Professionals

If you’ve seen me speak or read my blogs recently, you know I’ve whole-heartedly joined the tablet revolution and I consider myself somewhat of an iPad power-user. I’ve spent a lot of time exploring ways this revolution in technology could be used, both in delivering training, and in making the lives of instructional designers easier.

I tasked my crack team of designers and developers with a mission – to embrace their inner geeks and spend some time researching and testing the best and worst in iPad app design. This knowledge helped us create a list of best practices to use as a guide as we began developing an app of our own. It seemed only natural that our first foray into iPad design would be a tool we could use ourselves, in creating a framework for course design, and DesignJot was born.

While DesignJot doesn’t keep score or feature colorful feathered projectiles, it does combine our powerful ANSWER Analysis with a handy design tool, to help training professionals, like you build better training. Meant to be used in one-on-one, or large kick-off meetings with your customers, DesignJot serves as a tool to both guide the discussion and capture the key take-aways, keeping everybody on the same page and accelerating the pace of the project.

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