A Proactive Approach to On-demand Learning


On-demand training is for busy people. Learners are in charge of choosing their own resource for their learning, which makes it personalized.

AllenComm's Process Map

At AllenComm we find out when and how your learners need support by conducting a needs analysis. From that knowledge we decide and design what should be in the reference library for their performance map. We’re designing as we analyze and analyzing as we design.

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On-demand learning can support several training and learning needs within your company. Take a look at ways our on-demand learning approach and technologies can give your training offerings the boost your company requires to fill knowledge gaps.

Quick and Efficient

Your Need

Existing Knowledge That Needs to Be Refreshed Due To:

• Tasks that are uncommon or not being used frequently

• Information that doesn’t require memorization (policies, SOPs, etc.)


New Knowledge:

• Small changes and updates

• Uncomplicated concepts

How On-demand Learning Helps You

Quick Refresher or Reference

• Overview, brief explanation, example, use case, or demonstration

• Searchable library of different formats:

• Video or motion graphic

• Infographic

• Micromodule

• Job aids

Convenient and Practical

Your Need

New and More Robust Knowledge and Skills:

• Set goals

• Work on continuous development

• Take risks

• Reframe

• Learn for the first time

• Practice

• Build confidence

• Transfer

How On-demand Learning Helps You

Training On-The-Go

• Modular, short tutorials with built-in practice and transfer tools/activities:

• Select based on preferences

• Choose your own path

• Push/pull

• Download and personalize

Bite-Size and Flexible

Your Need

Advanced Knowledge and Performance Mastery:

• Learn more or new

• Connect

• Share

• Refresh

• Create

How On-demand Learning Helps You

Learning-By-Choice (Sustainment & Leadership)

• Personalized learning platform with access to training resources and learning community:

• Searchable

• Device-friendly

• Contextual

• Social

• Location-based

• Anywhere, anytime

Talk to us about getting started with on-demand solutions for your corporation.

Talk to us about getting started with on-demand solutions for your corporation.