New Hire Training


Tap into our experience and expertise, to get you and your team on the way to effectively transforming new hires into productive and knowledgeable employees that adapt and adopt quickly.

One of the most critical milestones for an employee comes directly after the initial hiring process. This is the moment when sharing your vision and culture with new employees puts them on the path to lasting success.

To achieve that goal requires a partner that brings breadth and depth of innovation, capability, and the credibility to the design and deployment of those training solutions. That’s where AllenComm comes in.


For more than 30 years, AllenComm has designed and developed new-hire training for many of the world’s largest companies. Our onboarding training solutions include:

  • A team simulation that taught new recruits what to expect in their new role before being placed with a client in a real-world scenario

  • A series of highly interactive training modules that empower learners to meet their goals

  • A blended curriculum for new salespeople featuring short modules, video stories, scenarios, role play, and reflection exercises, with post-training follow up activities


When designed thoughtfully, onboarding training gets employees excited about and engaged with the company. It also helps them understand your brand, company culture and processes, and gets them quickly up to speed with crucial processes.

Our unique collaborative design process transforms the way your classroom and web instruction is experienced and delivered.


AllenComm partnered with a global consumer products company to create interactive training modules that allowed learners to visually represent both their sphere of influence and long-term business goals. The AllenComm training modules were an optional part of the onboarding process, but 75% of distributors worldwide chose to complete all of the activities. Over 80% reported feeling happy with their learning experience.

You need a practical, engaging employee onboarding program that drives retention, knowledge transfer, productivity, and employee orientation. AllenComm provides an experienced and innovative team of developers and designers who will help you boost your new employees’ skills and productivity. Partner with us to create effective training that will satisfy your employees and set them up for success.


  • Industry and institutional orientation
  • Process and workflow immersion
  • HR and compliance
  • Critical skill development

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