Training and Delivery Methods

You can have the best story in the world, but if it’s told the wrong way, you lose some of the impact.


Likewise, if you choose the wrong training delivery methods, learners won’t get the full message you wanted to communicate.



Instructor-led, or classroom training (the more traditional approach) is still effective for many needs. Unfortunately, too many people still associate it with boring training…until they meet us. When ILT training is warranted, we bring interactivity to the classroom with activity sets that encourage collaboration and engagement. The right instructional design can integrate the learners as individuals with real-time polling, stoke competition in the group, and bring in application through scenario discussion and simulations. At AllenComm, we design incredible, interesting instructor-led training, often with follow-up tools to provide reference and improve retention. More



With the near-universal use of computers and mobile in the business world, web-based training is growing to keep up. In contrast to classroom-only training, web-based learning is anything you do on a computer or mobile device. Often referred to as elearning, web-based training is popular because it can be a website, an app, or some other tool that’s easily accessible in a web-based world. Many of our clients choose AllenComm because of our strength in elearning. Our goal is always relevant engagement and interactivity founded in solid instructional design. To engage your learners, we can use responsive design (making the training available for any device), integrate high levels of interactivity, create custom activity sets and assessments, and build custom games with beautiful art and programming made specifically for you. Your learners aren’t just clicking to get through; they are being engaged at every step. The creativity of web-based training is limited only by imagination. And we’ve got people at AllenComm who can think of anything. More



To build your training from a pathway into a journey, we make blended solutions. Some things are just better learned in a classroom. Others are not. Some things work best as a game; others don’t. We analyze what you need to communicate and what your goals are to provide a blended solution in a custom integration. Your blend will be different from every other solution because your need, your goals, and your learners are unique. It’s a custom creation to get the best results.

When considering types of training, you need to consider what story you’re telling, what your needs are, and what results you want. Let us help you find the right type of training method to reach your goals.  More

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