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Training delivery methods consist of the techniques and materials used by trainers to structure learning experiences. Choosing the right employee training method can be a daunting task, given the number of considerations, including budget, size and type of the workforce, location, time frame, and goals. Whether you choose instructor-led, digital, blended or hybrid learning, your training method should meet your learner needs and organizational goals. We always use the most effective training method for the situation, be it gamification, microlearning, or action-based learning activities to create immersive learning experiences. Here are a few examples of how we can help.


Instructor led training (ILT) is the style of in-person classroom training that most people are familiar with. When instructor led training is done online, it is known as virtual instructor led training (VILT). In today’s environment of virtual interactivity and multi-channel learning preferences, traditional classroom instruction may not be good enough.

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eLearning vs Digital learning

eLearning generally refers to a course taken entirely online whereas digital learning is any type of learning that uses digital technology. Both delivery methods utilize a variety of learning activities and multimedia options including video, mobile learning, and gamification. However, digital learning takes advantage of new age technology that allows digital asset access without internet connection.

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Blended vs Hybrid learning

While hybrid and blended learning are often used interchangeably, there is a subtle yet important distinction. Blended learning focuses on the combination of offline and online instruction, hybrid learning combines formal training with informal and experiential learning in the workflow.

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At AllenComm, we will work with you to align your training delivery method with your business objectives.