Lessons Learned: Instructional Design and Technology in the Age of AI

Get insights from AllenComm’s learning experts on the future of learning and training development with the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

It’s time to discuss the recent advancements in AI. This revolutionary new technology can be used to have a positive, transformative impact on your organization — if you know how to use it.

In this recent whitepaper, the domain experts at AllenComm share the must-have insights you need on AI. Learn how forward-thinking L&D professionals and organizational leadership will be using AI to improve:

  • Content Design and Development 
  • Learning Experience Design to Improve Engagement 
  • Training Measurement to Demonstrate ROI 

Cut through the 'hype' and start incorporating AI tools into your human-powered, human-centered learning creative process. Want to see how AllenComm clients are currently using AI? Fill out the CONTACT US form and speak with one of our AI business development experts.

Download the Case Study