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HR Tools Launches Learning Portal Developed for Corporate Training by AllenComm

New learning portal safeguards companies and confirms comprehension of employee law issues.

SALT LAKE CITY (July 3, 2003) — Allen Communication Learning Services, a leading global provider of custom e-Learning solutions, is pleased to announce the completion of the HR Tools’ Winning Through Prevention Desktop Learning Portal. When HR Tools, LLC, a producer of employee development programs, wanted to automate the delivery and tracking of their Winning Through Prevention program (which is comprised of a game board and database of legal terms used for teaching employee law issues), they selected Allen Communication Learning Services to create the structure of the delivery and management tools.

Winning Through Prevention Desktop incorporates push/pull technology to guide employees to a focused learning portal, which delivers short 5-minute lessons. Each lesson is centered on a real-life scenario and begins with a question. The question is followed up with feedback, an explanation of rationale, and a summary of the learning points. The portal gives students access to all past questions and a way to contact the Human Resources representative with additional questions. Winning Through Prevention Desktop not only enables clients to educate their employees more efficiently, but it also provides employers with an added safeguard against litigation because it provides proof of each employee taking and confirming comprehension of employee law issues in web based training.

“I can not tell you how pleased American Express is with HR Tools’ new online training product, Winning Through Prevention Desktop,” said HR Tools customer, Valerie Iorg of American Express. “It is extremely comprehensive yet very easy to use. The ability to add our own specific information on top of an incredible database makes this tool invaluable. We have been looking for something like this for years.”

“Allen Communication was happy to join with HR Tools to create a new and innovative way to train, track and assess actual learning in a large organizational environment,” said Allen Communication Learning Services President, Ron Zamir. Allen’s instructional design and corporate training expertise and understanding of the learning process coupled with HR Tools’ excellent content has produced a superior solution. Winning Through Prevention Desktop joins a growing number of projects Allen has completed for customers who requested learning portals and customized data management systems. We’re excited to provide the kind of solutions that address a customer’s specific needs.”

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