Web Services and Learning Ecosystem Additions




- Are you tired of cookie-cutter courses that don’t inspire?

- Are you trying to elevate your learning experiences through gamification, personalization, social or other strategies?

- Have you tried and failed to implement these elevated designs using only the technologies that you have in your toolbelt?

- Do you wish you could augment your ecosystem to support these elevated designs?

- Do you just need a few add-ons to enable your learning ecosystem to do more for you learners and your organization?

When you’re ready, our team will augment your learning system with customized add-ons that improves the technology you already have.


We’ve been there! Trying to design learning experiences that can’t be implemented because of the limitations with the technical ecosystem --- is frustrating. Let us help! AllenComm technology Add-ons are a perfect way to supercharge your designs, simplify you user workflows, augment your ecosystem, and achieve those learning experiences that will drive success.

If you are looking to add any of the following to your designs – discover AllenComm Add-Ons:

  • Action Plans
  • Leader Boards
  • Discussion Threads
  • File Sharing
  • Complex Branching Activities
  • Simulations
  • Diagnostics
  • Scenarios
  • Blended Learning Curriculums or Instructor Led Online Management and Delivery
  • And much more….