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Tap into our experience and expertise, to get you and your team on the way to effectively transforming new hires into productive and knowledgeable employees that adapt and adopt quickly.

Creating an emotional, positive experience, and connection to your brand is one of the hardest yet most critical parts of building your business. You want your brand to stand out from the competition, and you want your employees to be excited about it. So how do you make that happen? How do you transform your brand into more than just a name or logo? The biggest challenge you have is to provide brand training solutions that are as exciting and engaging as you want your brand to be to your customers. In most cases, the first impression customers have of your brand comes from internal employees, so your brand training has to be innovative and engaging, be able to reach across the entire organization, and hit the mark from the very start. As the old adage goes—you only get one chance to make a good first impression. That’s where AllenComm comes in. AllenComm provides the experience, the talent, and the passion to help you get critical buy-in and support from your organization. We help your training team provide the content and learner experience that enables your organization to scale and transform the way you educate their learners. That’s why some of the largest brands in the world including HP, Cisco, and American Express, come to us to help them elevate brand engagement and buy-in across their organizations converting sales people, customer service representatives, and even senior management into brand ambassadors.


We know how to get your brand attributes instilled across your organization because we’ve helped launch many brand initiatives that have touched tens of thousands of employees. Our innovative and diverse solutions include:

  • Adaptable and personalized brand training curriculum designed to meet needs of a global corporate audience based on a learner’s department, role, etc.
  • Web-based arcade style brand experience portal for internal global brand education
  • Sophisticated video-based online training built to enable marketing execs across company to create and execute consistent, accurate, and impactful brand marketing plans
  • Global training system designed to create brand ambassadors that communicate with different audiences, including colleagues, potential customers, and vendors


We believe the success of any product and service training solution is predicated on thinking outside the conventions of traditional learning. Our unique collaborative design process helps you think outside the box, transforming the way your classroom and web instruction is experienced and delivered. And we know how to apply that approach to any challenge you may be facing.


At one global client, a multi-language brand training solution delivered to 60 countries had over 200,000 voluntary completions within 6 months, and it effected an increase in the company’s Net Promoter Score of 10 percentage points Our programs are about more than just increasing employees’ knowledge of your brand. We help create strategies to influence and engage with your teams, then we take it one step further and connect your values with purpose and direction to ensure you create brand ambassadors throughout the company.

Brand Training Examples

  • Corporate brand education
  • Brand relaunch
  • Channel brand engagement
  • Brand architecture
  • Corporate and product rebranding

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