Leadership Training


Development of your leadership team is a smart investment in growth and stability.

Increase Confidence, Competency, and Capability to Achieve Excellence

Navigating the increasing challenges and complexities facing businesses today requires leaders who remain true to their personal values, can promote change while remaining adaptable, and are accountable for the business objectives. Effective leaders at all levels of your management team increase employee engagement and contribute to the success of the entire organization—so how do you make good managers into great leaders? To accomplish this successfully requires a partner that brings innovation, scalability, and credibility to the design and deployment of any training solution. That’s where AllenComm comes in. At AllenComm, we understand that the development of your leadership team is a critical investment in the continued growth and stability of your company. We have the experience, expertise, and passion to help you develop and deliver high-performance leadership skills training across all management types, including front-line managers, matrix leaders, senior leaders, and executives as well as future leaders. That’s why we’re trusted by some of the largest brands in the world.



AllenComm has the experience and expertise to help you build customized training solutions for leaders at all levels, from first-time supervisors to senior executives. Our design experts will work with you to develop leadership training aligned to the unique needs of your organization.  Some of the hundreds of innovative programs we’ve developed include:

  • Full franchise management curriculum for new supervisors and managers composed of easy-to-digest, micro modules that are completed quickly to minimize time off and engaging simulation exercises to help them bridge their skill gaps
  • A gamified solution design that draws learners in as they engage with employee retention and recognition scenarios in stand-alone, short, interactive modules to teach targeted principles through immersion
  • A scenario-based, critical-thinking curriculum designed specifically for c-suite level executives that utilizes both experiential and problem-based learning tenets
  • A series of blended learning solutions to transition individual contributors to organizational leaders that include real-world leadership challenges, embedded social learning, and a performance support library accessed post training


At AllenComm, we’ve helped create hundreds of leadership and organizational training programs, and we know that content must be coupled with context for optimal results. Moreover, we work with you and your team to think beyond typical learning conventions in order to create solutions that are not only engaging and effective, but tailored to your unique requirements.


O.C. Tanner chose AllenComm to develop a gamified recognition training solution to help a diverse global audience understand how to effectively motivate and support employee performance. The completed program delivered an accessible, engaging, and relevant experience that learners found to be fun, valuable, and retainable. One of the modules received a Horizon Interactive Award for excellence in the Training / E-Learning category. You need practical training solutions to transform leadership potential into organizational excellence. AllenComm has over 30 years of experience working with clients to create custom training solutions. We can help you build an effective training program that will engage your leaders and set them up for success.

Leadership Training Examples

  • Recognition and appreciation
  • New manager/supervisor
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Executive management and decision making
  • Team dynamics and communication
  • Employee performance management

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