Upscale Retailer Tailors Onboarding Training To Include Leadership Development

<h1><span style="color: #333333">Upscale Retailer Tailors Onboarding Training To Include Leadership Development</span></h1>

How do you develop a customizable retail sales and customer service training that supports new hires, develops department managers, and prepares for a new store opening all at the same time?

When a major upscale retailer needed a training solution that wasn’t one-size-fits-all but would accomplish all three needs for a larger learner audience, they decided to take a new approach.

They needed to update an older in-person three-day training course with digital learning that would engage employees while reducing seat time and could be fitted to meet the needs of representatives at multiple store locations.


AllenComm designed a blended learning solution to take the best of both in-person learning and web-based training to create an experience that was flexible, engaging, and realistic. The instructional sequence included self-guided elements and was customizable based on the audience and needs. The team used real-world scenarios to create multiple simulations to provide skills learning and practice for critical customer service interactions on the sales floor.


  • Increased new employee on-the-job readiness

  • Decrease the off-the-floor facilitator and employee time by 60%

  • Decrease total training hours from 24 to 10