International Oil and Gas Industry Partner Drives Change With Systems Training

<h1><span style="color: #333333">International Oil and Gas Industry Partner Drives Change With Systems Training</span></h1>

How does a global leader in the oil and gas industry drive change when they need a more comprehensive program to provide needed systems information to its employees?

The solution had to be transformative: it needed to make information more accessible by moving away from a slow, call-center type Q&A system to a new, streamlined digital learning library solution so employees could access needed data instantly.


The AllenComm team designed an information system, back-office support training, and leadership development learning that would be the transformative solution our partner needed. Our solution had to scale for a global learning audience and include resources for non-native English-speaking learners. We created a web-based training solution, a support toolkit to embed in the flow of work, and used gamification and microlearning strategies to increase engagement and boost retention.


  • Improved station performance

  • Increased retention of station managers

  • Decreased calls to call center by 30%

  • Decreased employee turnover by 7%