Increase compliance knowledge and productivity

Compliance training is not just about presenting information to employees and getting them back to work as quickly as possible. This training needs to help employees think about the issues involved and discover how they can apply the principles to their daily activities. To accomplish this successfully requires a partner that brings innovation, scale, and credibility to the design and deployment of any training solution. That’s where AllenComm comes in.

AllenComm provides the experience, the talent, and the passion to help you get critical buy-in and support from your organization, your sales channel, and your customers. We help your training team provide the content and learner experience that enables your organization to scale and transform the way you educate your learners. That’s why we’re trusted by some of the largest brands in the world that come to us to help them elevate compliance knowledge and application across their organizations, reducing their risk profile, and increasing productivity.


We know how to get the importance of compliance instilled across your organization. AllenComm’s ability to connect regulations and statutes to employee performance and success comes from developing compliance solutions that have successfully elevated compliance knowledge and adherence for thousands of employees including:

  • A “First-Person Doctor” themed training system aimed at reducing medical malpractice lawsuits, featuring powerful video messages from highly-respected medical professionals, case studies, and practice modules enabling problem solving and decision-making in realistic scenarios
  • Enjoyable and innovative anti-bribery training that incorporates interactive games and immersive scenarios that go beyond just checking off a box, to simulate potentially risky situations on the job
  • An immersive training solution emphasizing the importance of safeguarding confidential information in the workplace, placing learners into a scenario where they are tasked with correcting mistakes made by a hypothetical colleague


We take the time and work together with your teams to think outside the box of conventional learning practices and create custom solutions that not only meet compliance and regulatory standards, but also align with your organization’s procedures, culture, and philosophy.


At one major pharmaceutical company we designed a program that decreased SOP training times 3-fold with the first deployment. This helped reduce the company’s risk profile and the time saved helped increase morale, which increased overall productivity.

AllenComm’s legacy goes back over 30 years, and we help you design the change you want to see in your organization—for your own team as well as for the learners you support. Our Design to Change system combines the expertise of our in-house instructional designers, graphic and video designers, and technologists to:

  • Help you and your team members create and innovate
  • Build the reputation of learning in your organization.
  • Scale up to manage even the most complex challenges

The programs we provide are about more than just increasing employees’ knowledge of regulations. We help create strategies to influence and engage with your teams, then we take it one step further and connect your values with purpose and direction to ensure you’re safe and productive throughout the company. As a result, your learners will be more productive, and you’ll elevate your team’s capabilities.

Compliance Training Examples

  • Fraud detection (anti-money laundering, anti-bribery, etc.)
  • SOPs
  • Sexual harassment
  • Risk management

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