LEGO – Onboarding Training

Business Challenge

LEGO, the leading brand of construction toys, sought to revamp their onboarding training from an old Flash program to something modern. Their goal was to develop a user-friendly course that taught their Brick Specialists the required skills to perform their jobs in the LEGO Brand Retail stores. The new course had to improve the current content by revamping the previous course’s design and UX, all while maintaining the existing instructional integrity of the previous course.

AllenComm Solution

To keep LEGO’s training in line with their brand, AllenComm sought to create a familiar user experience, so designing the flow to match the company website was a priority. Working closely with LEGO, AllenComm retooled the previous courseware design to our Fluid Grid Design to help promote learner engagement and converted the previous course from Flash to HTML5. AllenComm also retained the identified business goals and targeted behaviors by designing a 7-part course that features interactive videos, quizzes, activities, worksheets, and a customer service game. Additional flexibility was also included by making each learning module compatible with mobile devices.

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The course and activities are aimed to help the LEGO Brand Retail Stores team successfully:

  • Reduce the amount of time required for training and streamline the learning process
  • Use mobile devices to increase overall accessibility
  • Gain confidence for working in the retail space through the implementation of educational customer service games


Gold Omni Award in Education for LEGO’s Brick Specialist Training

Summit Award in Education Website for LEGO’s Brick Specialist Training

Gold Communicator Award of Distinction for Lego

Communicator Award of Distinction

Communicator Award of Excellence

Horizon Award

Silver Omni Award in Communication

Silver Omni Award in Education

Silver Davey Award