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Allencomm Recognized as a Top Content Provider With AI Tools Expertise in 2024

AllenComm, a leading provider of impactful learning solutions, has been named to a list of The Best Content Providers That Are AI Experts by eLearning Industry. The list is a useful resource for organizations and L&D teams taking their first steps into use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for learning.

“These experts possess an intimate understanding of AI tools, harnessing their power to analyze data, predict trends, and personalize training content in ways that resonate deeply with target audiences,” read the announcement from eLearning, published March 2024.

Many learning professionals have questions about AI—they don’t know what’s possible today and the narrative about the future of AI technology is still very dynamic. AllenComm’s advisory services include expert consulting around AI-readiness and can help clients establish a roadmap for AI adoption.

Ron Zamir, CEO of AllenComm, summarizes the current and near-future state of AI in corporate L&D: “We expect three waves of AI adoption. In the first wave (including the current moment), L&D professionals use general-purpose AI apps to accelerate design and development. In the second wave, the AI will be company-specific and will integrate with the client’s tech stack. The third wave will focus on AI enhancement of the learning experience, where learners are engaging in AI-driven practice that is specific to the knowledge and IP of their organization.”

AllenComm’s perspective is shaped by their work with hundreds of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies. Additionally, their in-house AI lab researches practical applications for today’s technologies. Clients of their advisory services come away with a practical plan for AI adoption, with milestones that are relevant to the goals of the learning organization.

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About AllenComm

For 40 years, AllenComm has partnered with Fortune 500 companies to create and scale transformative learning solutions. Extensive instructional design experience, innovative learning technologies, and agency-level creative teams enable AllenComm to stand out in the learning landscape. Considered one of the top ten firms of its kind in the country, AllenComm has won hundreds of awards for their solutions. Partnering with AllenComm to supplement and support human capital management needs has helped customers reduce expenses, shorten onboarding periods, and raise the impact of their efforts.