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AllenComm Creative Services Now Available for Learning Design Projects

The AllenComm creative services team provides outstanding rich-media design, direction, and augmentation now available to enhance all employee training and development content offerings.

Salt Lake City, UT – March 2023 | AllenComm is pleased to announce it has made its award-winning creative services available as a stand-alone product offering. The move comes in an effort meet the ongoing need to improve employee training and development programs for organizations seeking effective, engaging learning solutions.

“AllenComm continues to see clients that want a higher level of interactivity as part of their learning experience,” said AllenComm CRO Blake Beus. “Our creative services team provides award-winning learning enhancements that help to elevate our clients’ offerings for maximum impact.”

The team at AllenComm is widely recognized as an industry leader with world-class, agency-level creative direction, graphic design, videography, copywriting, and more. In AllenComm’s 40+ year history, the creative services team has completed 10,000+ projects and won 549+ industry awards, including Telly and Horizon Interactive awards – both of which are awarded for excellence in media provided, in part, by our creative services team. This year alone, many of the awards won by AllenComm included recognitions of work completed by the creative services team.

In today’s immersive digital landscape, creative design stands out, provides customized experiential learning, and enhances learning retention.

The AllenComm creative services team provides the following services:

  • UX and Interface Design to engage learners in any mobile context
  • Video with full-scale production based on the specific needs of the project
  • Motion Graphics to bring content to life with or without use of video
  • Branding and Identity to create consistency in messaging to tell the learning story
  • Instructional Media to build the graphics necessary to match any learning strategy
  • Accessibility to make sure all assets meet the technical standards of inclusion

Over the last three years since the pandemic began, the number of learning content conversion projects to include digital and blended learning solutions completed by AllenComm has increased. To maintain a high level of quality and learning efficacy, the team has made use of its outstanding creative team to enhance digital projects with customized rich media to engage learners, and ensure that the learning solution is impactful and on-brand.

AllenComm VP of Creative Services Charles Plummer said that good design both foregrounds the learning experience for the learning audience, and is essential in a digital context.

“Web-based training is both the participant guide and the classroom,” Plummer said. “The UX must invite learners in with the same welcome as the best instructor. Blended solutions require visual consistency. If the medium is the message, what do the graphics of your training say? We hope it says, ‘critical thinking happens here.’ Rich media provides a rich experience. Interactive media provides a place for learning.”

For more information regarding AllenComm’s learning solutions and creative team, please visit the AllenComm website or contact the team at [email protected].

About AllenComm

For more than 40 years, AllenComm has partnered with Fortune 100 companies to create and scale unique, innovative learning solutions. Extensive instructional design experience, innovative learning technologies, and agency-level creative teams enable AllenComm to stand out in the learning landscape. Considered one of the top ten firms of its kind in the country, AllenComm wins over 40 awards year after year for their transformational learning solutions. With its internal workforce and experience, AllenComm is uniquely positioned in the learning space to meet multiple needs from small to very large change management projects. Partnering with AllenComm to supplement and support human capital management needs has helped customers reduce expenses, shorten onboarding periods, and raise the impact of their employee training and development efforts.