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Connecting Microlearning to Corporate Training

Have you ever had to take training that involved reading through walls of text or sitting in class for hours on end? If so, your brain probably started checking out pretty quickly. We know the feeling too, which is why we advocate for microlearning: it’s compact, focused material that provides just what the learner needs when they need it!

Training designed with microlearning in mind can be taken in small chunks between job duties, allowing learners to apply what they’ve learned immediately. Learners can consume only the modules that are relevant to their jobs and avoid those that don’t apply. Microlearning modules can also be easily updated to reflect changes and are available for your employees to reference and review at any time.

Let’s take a look at how microlearning can be applied in different areas.

Compliance Training:

Compliance doesn’t have to be boring walls of text.

Because compliance training is important for all employees, making it engaging and manageable helps to remove the stigma surrounding it. Compliance doesn’t have to be boring walls of text; it can use microlearning principles to create interactive, effective modules that help your learners engage with the concepts.

AllenComm worked with the Perinatal Quality Foundation to produce a training that would help both patients and providers with decision-making and communication tools. Providers needed to be able to quickly access up-to-date information to recommend the best testing solutions for patients. On the other hand, patients often felt overwhelmed with the weight of their choices and needed clarity to make informed decisions. The resulting training empowered both parties to be confident in their recommendations and choices and to make the best choices for the situations at hand.

Sales Enablement Training:

When we talk about enabling sales, we mean aligning resources and actions to optimize the sales process. Let’s say you have a new product or a new sales process and need to train your salespeople to know it inside and out. Chances are they know how to sell already and just need to understand the new elements. Microlearning is perfect to personalize the training to the specific needs of the learners.

Certified Angus Beef approached AllenComm to create a course that would increase sales and represent the value of the brand. The target audience included veterans and new salespeople, so the solution had to take very different needs into account. Five modules help learners to observe scenarios with prospective clients and overcome objections to choosing Certified Angus Beef products. Even though the modules were designed to be taken in small pieces, each subsequent topic built upon the previous ones, creating a cohesive experience.

Brand Training:

Getting people excited about your brand can come in a variety of ways. How do you make those methods effective? If you want to create videos, games, or infographics (for only a few examples), microlearning principles can help create a cohesive message across these different new training methods.

When Nordic Naturals wanted to train their employees about their brand, AllenComm used microlearning to create a 45-minute course that used a variety of activities to engage learners. Personalization and autonomy allowed the learners to take training designed for them at their own pace. The course was also designed to provide a cohesive sense of unity, community, and company pride among employees.

Onboarding Training:

Within the course, learners have a tailored path customized to their needs.

The first thing you should do with new hires is to overload their brains with so much information that they can’t think straight, right? Of course not! Onboarding training should engage new hires with the workplace, not decrease the excitement of starting a new job. Microlearning is a great way to get people to learn more in between orientation meetings as well as a way to provide constant reinforcement of new concepts.

AllenComm worked with Domino’s to get new hires up to speed quickly. When there are a myriad of toppings, pizzas, and other options, people can get overwhelmed easily. The training focused three modules to provide a gamified experience that would help decrease onboarding time and provide employees with the knowledge they needed to get the job done. Within the course, learners have a tailored path customized to their needs.

Convinced of the value of microlearning for your learners? So are we! Contact us here to learn more about what AllenComm can offer you.