Compliance Training – Perinatal Quality Foundation


Business Challenge

Prenatal genetic testing today continues to rapidly evolve, but research has shown that too many choices or too much information can lead to cognitive overload and negatively impact decision making. Perinatal Quality Foundation (PQF) challenged AllenComm to design a highly engaging and intuitive curriculum for both providers and patients that is as much about communication as it is about training.

The training needed to empower patients and arm them with enough information to resolve decisional conflicts, improving the pretesting experience. In addition, there was a need to provide quick and up-to-date information to providers so that they would be able to make appropriate testing recommendations to their patients.

AllenComm Solution

Both teams worked together to determine the primary business goal driving the development of this training as well as the target behaviors needed to obtain this goal. PQF’s business goal was to create a sustainable website that provides education to providers and patients while empowering patients in the prenatal decision-making process.





Motion Graphics

Orange clock


Mobile Responsive


The learner will be able to


  • Access the learning content and activities across a wireless connection on mobile devices
  • Think about choices in privacy without medical professionals around
  • Choose what learning content to download and when to view it
  • Feel empowered to make decisions confidently



Silver Horizon Award





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