Domino’s – Onboarding Training


As the number one pizza company in the world, Domino’s Pizza must balance many variables to effectively train employees and maintain a consistent, high-quality standard of food. However, for new employees, learning the menu and the pizza-making process can be challenging and time-consuming. They must know every item the restaurant sells, and how to quickly put the correct toppings in the right amounts for each type of pizza.


To help employees learn these skills and assess how well they’ve learned them, Domino’s created the Pizza Maker course. With three microlearning modules, Domino’s used simulations and gamification to engage, assess and reward employees to decrease onboarding time. By including competitive elements, both games encouraged new employees to beat their past scores, which drove speed to competency. The games build recipe knowledge for new employees and boost the recipe focus for long-term personnel, which leads to better accuracy and faster pizza making.

To keep all employee training easily accessible to learners, AllenComm created a learning portal specifically designed for three purposes:

  • provide franchisees with complete control to customize how and what they assign and track for their team members,
  • empower employees to master core skills, and
  • empower managers and admins to optimize and validate employee progress.

This user-friendly platform organizes, delivers, and tracks the extensive training curriculum for the entire organization while providing individual learning paths custom-tailored for each employee. Thanks to the learning portal, franchisees create clear roadmaps to success for their team members, and their managers have direct oversight in that journey.


The AllenComm custom solution incorporated a blended learning solution from a variety of modalities including:

Interactive methodology icon


Video methodology icon


Gamification methodology icon


Web based training methodology icon


Microlearning methodology icon


Motion graphics methodology icon

Motion Graphics


  • Significantly increased speed to competency
  • Cost savings improved by proper portioning
  • A decrease in customer complaints

Silver Horizon Award

Bronze Horizon Award

2 Bronze Telly Awards

Bronze Brandon Hall Award of Excellence in Learning for Custom Content

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