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Innovative eLearning Portal Makes Great Pizza

An Online Learning Platform Use Case

When AllenComm partnered with Domino’s to create onboarding training, part of the training solution we developed was a reliable and user-friendly onboarding elearning portal. We knew Domino’s would put it to good use, and sure enough, they went above and beyond in using their portal for ongoing employee training.

Learning Portal Basics

We craft our elearning portals to meet the specific needs of our clients and to be built upon by them. As an example, the portal we made for Domino’s is segmented by day. Each day has an associated list of links to the training materials that the new hire must review. A link names the training resource, its length, and whether it has been started and even completed by the new hire.

AllenComm’s portal design makes it easy to track progress. At the top of each segment, the percentage of training material completed for that day is shown. New hires see their knowledge gaps at a single glance!

Training Resources

We’ve created some content that has the looks and feels of avatars within Domino’s that give them the feeling that it’s really branded specific to their job. [It] has some cool interactives that they’ve got to go through from their standpoint. They have choose-your-own adventure-type-style trainings to some that are just more informational-style training. We’ve got some great games and things like that that the…partners there in [AllenComm’s] office helped us build that help us with menu challenges and things like that.

For example, Domino’s created a handwashing activity where new hires actually see someone in their role following the prescribed handwashing rules…or not. If the new hire chooses good handwashing etiquette for the employee avatar (Mortimer), then they will continue through a series of decision points. If the new hire chooses bad handwashing etiquette for Mortimer, they must redo the botched decision point until they get it right. The feedback throughout the activity is visual and easy to understand, a training best practice that Domino’s incorporated.


Learning that’s Easy and Engaging

Having an organized e learning portal for onboarding training makes learning easy, and good content like Domino’s makes the learning engaging.

“It is not a fun thing to…be the new person into an organization…but…you can kind of be put at ease and start to go through some of the training and see…it’s fun. It’s relaxed…it’s learning through different channels. The way that we built this is that even if somebody took Mortimer down the entire wrong path, they’re still learning but they’re having fun while they’re doing it,” says Monnier.

The hope is that the onboarding training will be easy and engaging enough that new hires will be drawn to poke around on the learning portal on their own. A curiosity about further training turns being onboarded from an obligation to a satisfying response. And it’s always a plus when new hires can get a little autonomy in a space where mistakes in personal practice have no real business cost.

Retention through Onboarding

Onboarding is linked to employee retention, and employee retention is especially important to Domino’s. “You can’t be a franchisee for Domino’s unless you’ve been in operations for a year at some point in time in your career. We truly only bring in franchisees that…know and understand the business….85% of our franchisees started off as a driver at some point in their career with Domino’s.”

For Domino’s, the carefully branded and designed training activities introduce new hires to the brand. “…as people go through that experience, they realize that there is a lot more to it than just being a day-to-day job stretching dough or delivering pizzas…” When new hires understand this, they are more loyal to the company, more likely to stay on, and more likely to climb the ladder to becoming a franchisee.

It’s exciting to see how Domino’s has built on our work to continually improve their training. We’re thrilled to be associated with a company that matches our drive for innovation in training. We’ll be presenting some of our own innovative ideas at ATD in May, and we’d love to see you there! Discover the future of training at our ATD booth #2514.