Onboarding, Sales Enablement, Brand, and Compliance

Few things remain static over time, and we bet your employee training and development program is no exception. There are so many new tools and technologies that it’s hard to imagine the training environment of just ten years ago.

Dramatic changes rocketing the corporate world towards an uncertain training future include mobile, micro-learning, interactive video, emerging brain science, and the proliferation of learning technology options. But some fundamental training challenges remain, even if the solutions continually being updated and improved.


The Future of Onboarding Training

For instance, new hire training and onboarding are crucial to employee and company success. How your organization “onboards” new customers and clients is a matter to be examined. Newly hired employees can be brought up to full production much more rapidly using today’s technology tools and current employee training best practices. New customers can be converted into long-term clients by using technology tools and communications best practices.


Sales Trajectory Accelerated

Sales is the lifeblood of your organization. Without new revenue or enhanced revenue from existing customers, your business will quit growing and eventually thud back to the ground. You can change the trajectory of your organization’s growth by training every client-facing employee enhanced sales skills. You can also influence the speed with which new deals close by providing modern sales enablement content and education to your sales and marketing teams.


Create Brand Ambassadors with Training

Brand knowledge training can train employees about your products, and educate prospective and current customers about all of the services you provide. Numerous research studies done by Market Street Research, indicate that the strength of a company’s brand directly affects financial metrics like market share, sales effectiveness, and margins.


Compliance Training Transformed

Compliance training might be your biggest challenge. How do you launch a modern, forward-looking compliance training program when the subject matter is sometimes boring and dry? You can find innovative and interesting ways to teach time-worn compliance content by incorporating the latest research in empathy while utilizing the latest tech that puts learners in real-life situations.


Here at AllenComm, we work with clients just like you to solve these, and other employee training and development challenges. Our development process helps you see your problems in a strategic context and connect learning solutions directly to solving business problems. From there, we relate your learning content to your targeted employees with tailored, innovative, and engaging technology. Connect with us to learn more!