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Building Brand Ambassadors Through Brand Training

Brand Training Recipe


When it comes to brand training, user experience and course content are equally important. Learners need clear, thorough information about their company’s identity and products or services, but they also need to experience and absorb key elements of the brand. Deep, personal brand experience allows every employee—from new hires to seasoned pros—to explain the company mission with passion and confidence, which turns everyone at the company into a better brand ambassador.

In our brand training project with Nordic Naturals, an internationally renowned lifestyle and dietary supplement company, AllenComm set out to create a learning experience that would provide valuable information while immersing learners in the Nordic Naturals brand. To this, we used a wide variety of activity types and designed an online learning environment that always maintains the look, feel, and vibe of the Nordic Naturals brand.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the key elements this award-winning brand training course:

 Building Brand Training -- AllenComm

Brand training that balances information and experience has a proven track record of learner engagement and improved on-the-job knowledge and performance. Plus, by approaching a company’s brand from many different angles and incorporating many different learning styles, AllenComm’s designers ensured that all Nordic Naturals learners could benefit from the online course.

As a result of AllenComm’s brand training course, all Nordic Naturals employees have the opportunity to become more brand-savvy, vision-focused, and team-oriented than ever before.

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