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Creative Compliance Training

Creative-ComplianceAt Allen, we have over 30 years of experience creating effective custom compliance training. We’ve found that the most impactful compliance training does much more than ask a learner to “check a box.”

We have developed best practices in creative compliance training that are designed to enhance critical thinking.

This quality of compliance training not only adheres to the demands of traditional mandated regulated compliance, it goes beyond basic reading comprehension to enable employees to make better, more complex decisions. Creative compliance training should address broader business goals, create a richer level of relevancy and establish a culture that goes beyond the requirements of traditional “check the box” compliance training.

People53x60People | Fully understanding the business goals that can be achieved through compliance training and specific learner needs is vital to creating effective compliance training. Creativity in our design enables us to present content that learners see as relevant and impactful to the tasks at hand. Our best practices involve creating training that highlights people, because we believe, and results show, that training involving realistic human elements, interactions with people, not just documents, achieves business results.

Technology53x60 Technology | We have identified new technologies that allow our customers to overcome logistical needs for global compliance. We have technology that not only provides platforms to allow a large global audience access to training; it allows us to create more engaging training. Due to higher demands of younger audiences to stay fully engaged, we have created an in-house motion design and rich media group. This group works alongside our instructional designers to create visuals that provide learners with content that is considered more relevant and realistic to their needs. These visuals can be used in introductions that explain relevancy as well as used throughout the training to introduce the human element through scenario based videos. You can see an example in the award-winning training that we co-created with Risk Management Association.

BusinessEnviron53x60Business Environment | Organizations simply don’t have time or budgets to adhere to compliance related issues that can easily be deterred with effective compliance training. The demand for regulatory compliance is not lessening. As we leave the recession, demands for more effective compliance training, both regulatory and encompassed compliance are growing. An encompassing compliance training initiative is necessary to not only meet legal standards, but to meet the needs of the organization as a whole. Layering compliance training by creating a primary layer created to highlight the human experience, followed by a secondary layer to fulfill legal standards allows us to train based on real-world relevancy, not just reading comprehension of text and policies.

Want to learn more about our process? DesignJot is our award-winning app developed to help instructional designers, trainers, and performance consultants build better training. This ground-breaking app assists both novice and experienced instructional designers in collaborating with their clients, with the goal of creating engaging training courses.

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