Health Care Training


Inspire confidence by providing critical information.

In the complex, highly regulated and fast-paced world of healthcare, it’s important for providers and patients to be up-to-date on the latest scientific and technological advances. Providers need easily accessible and current information to make appropriate care recommendations. Healthcare consumers need to be empowered with information to make good prevention and treatment decisions. In addition, industry employees who create indispensable products and perform vital tasks need to learn the systems and processes that keep things running smoothly and in compliance.

AllenComm’s instructional design professionals are experienced at developing training content that’s appropriate for both specialists and non-specialists alike. Our aim is to not only inform, but create meaningful curriculum that generates results. Our interactive training programs give learners the knowledge and confidence they need to optimize your products and services.


For over 30 years AllenComm has been creating learning solutions that support the development of the necessary knowledge, skills, and motivation needed to change behavior. Through a collaborative and careful strategic design analysis with your team, we discover the knowledge gaps, hesitations, and catalysts that become the focus of your training program. Companies come to us for highly engaging, intuitive, and compliance-focused curriculum.


Having worked with clients in the healthcare and life sciences fields, we know how to create content that gets information to the right people without overwhelming them. Our responsive designs can be accessed anywhere—by PC, tablet, or phone. Using a combination of quality video and graphics with innovative technology and interactions, we create training courses that excite, engage, and educate your learner regardless of the subject or scale required.


AllenComm partnered with a healthcare foundation to create an award-winning training program to educate and empower patients and providers to discuss and make decisions about genetic testing during pregnancy. Patients and providers nationwide have used the training to facilitate better discussion and decision-making about prenatal genetic testing. As patients went through the curriculum, they were able to create a printable list of items they wished to discuss with their healthcare provider. Armed with new knowledge and understanding, they felt more confident making these important decisions, leading to better pre-natal care.

Our healthcare and life sciences industry training solutions go beyond simply getting the right information to the right people. Effective training helps learners get a firm grasp on key concepts and provides a clear path of action so they can move forward with confidence. Turning learning into action gives your company a competitive advantage.

Healthcare & Life Sciences Training Examples

  • Process implementation
  • Regulatory, risk, and compliance
  • Consumer education
  • Systems and operations
  • Content monetization