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Upskilling and Reskilling for the Future of Work Infographic

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Organizations with a learning strategy that aligns both business and learner objectives are 4 times more likely to say their strategy is effective in achieving business outcomes. 

36% of companies believe they are prepared to develop the skills they will need in the future. 

Best Practices for Learning Approaches:  

  • Technology ecosystem in place to deliver personalized learning at scale  
  • Good handle on learners’ needs and motivations 
  • Managers are both knowledgeable and good at coaching employees 
  • Finding the right learning and training content in the marketplace 
  • Promoting peer-to-peer, collaborative learning 

2021 Brandon Hall Group Upskilling/Reskilling Study  

Companies need to transform their approach to reskilling and upskilling to be more flexible, adaptable, and focused on learners.  

AllenComm can help! 


1. Simulations Reflecting The Real World 

NFPA: Public Safety Drone Guide Training  

  • Augmented reality​ 
  • 3D Scenarios​ 
  • 360 degrees environment​ 
  • APP version of the course​
  • Demonstration and interview-style videos​ 
  • Interactive and engaging activities  

2. Demos That Show Skills In Action

Aerospace Industry: Leadership Development Program 

  • Self-reflective experiences with scenario-driven simulations 
  • Self-corrective branching modalities to build leaders’ confidence through real-world practice  

3. Pre-Assessment Cues

W. L. Gore & Associates: Compliance Training  

  • Gamification 
  • Branching scenarios 
  • Self-diagnostics 

4. Microlearning Activities IN Skill-based Online Training

Oil and Gas industry: Systems Training  

  • Support toolkit to embed in the flow of work  
  • Gamification  
  • Microlearning strategies 

5. Memory-Refreshing Infographics

Simplot: Leadership Training 

  • Infographics  
  • Self-guided learning  
  • Fieldwork 
  • Virtual collaboration 

Our learning designs get transformational results   

  • 15% Increase in productivity
  • 60K Learners Impacted
  • 7% Reduced turnover