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AllenComm Clients Win Six Horizon Awards for Custom Corporate Training

The Horizon Interactive Awards has announced the 2018 award winners to highlight the year’s “best of the best” in interactive media production. AllenComm, the leader in custom corporate training solutions, won six Horizon Interactive Awards for four clients in training categories such as sales enablement, compliance, brand, and onboarding training. These six new awards bring the 2018 award tally for AllenComm to a total of 43 awards. Training course awards are won through years of experience in training and development and close collaboration with clients.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for the innovative work we do for our clients. We love collaborating with them to create solutions that motivate and engage their employees to produce results that go beyond financial and are uniquely tailored, performance focused, and enduring,” said Ron Zamir, AllenComm CEO

The Horizon Interactive Awards that AllenComm took home for their four clients include two gold awards and four silver awards for custom corporate training courses. Clients honored in these awards include a mentoring and coaching training for Beautycounter, a brand training for a global public relations firm, a customer service training for a global shipping organization, and a compliance course for a large national non-profit organization. These companies were among thousands who competed for top honors at the 2018 Horizon Interactive Awards.

“The 2018 competition was an outstanding display of creativity and digital media excellence. This year’s participants, once again, have raised the bar for excellence in interactive media solutions,” said Mike Sauce, Founder of the Horizon Interactive Awards. “There were so many unique solutions that had an effective blend of different media types that combined for some truly stunning work. All of the winners should be proud of their achievement and I am proud that the Horizon Interactive Awards competition has been able to shine the spotlight on the countless talented individuals from all over the world who produce this work.”

AllenComm continues to produce innovative and engaging custom training solutions that get results for large corporations in North America. Training courses produced by AllenComm are award-winning and producing a positive impact on the bottom line of the companies for which the trainings are created.

Kyle Hickman, Digital Instructional Designer from Beautycounter, said of the winning course, “When comparing Consultants who take our trainings to those who do not take our trainings, the numbers are clear: Consultants who utilize Counter University are much more likely to sell and recruit than those who do not take our trainings.”