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Corporate Training Basics

As a leader in the instructional design industry, we come across meaningful intersections in corporate training. We’ve worked on and won awards for elearning in several of these intersections, so here’s a roundup of what we’ve discovered for these types of employee training.

Corporate Training Explained

Compliance Training:

Compliance is a vital (and often mandatory) part of employee responsibilities. But is your compliance training greeted by choruses of yawns, or worse, screams of horror? While compliance will always be necessary, can employee reactions change? Of course! All it takes is the right approach.

Prioritize key points of information in order to demonstrate the importance.

It turns out that long, arduous trainings intimidate people, and learners often feel short on time. In such cases, helping them to understand why they need to review policies and procedures will help mitigate that pressure. In other words, don’t make your learners feel like they’re in time-out because they don’t feel like they’ve been told why they need to go through compliance training. Prioritize key points of information in order to demonstrate the importance of and reasoning behind your corporate policies. Not only do you want a program that highlights your organization’s policies, procedures, and ethics, but you also need one that ties in with company culture to show your employees how and why those policies apply to them.

Sales Enablement Training:

Sales enablement aligns resources and actions to create an effective, efficient sales operation. Don’t worry, sales enablement doesn’t replace existing resources: it optimizes the processes that are already in place and focuses on providing innovation, scaling the reach of the training, and impacting the teams that use it.

So why is this type of corporate training important? Well, it turns out that when your sales force doesn’t have the information they need, their jobs get a lot harder. It’s easy to be thrown off by a potential client who asks difficult questions, or by miscommunication between the salesperson and the buyer. Sales enablement training shifts the focus from the seller to the buyer, ensuring a conversation tailored to the buyer’s needs right from the start.


The process of getting new hires acclimated to their new responsibilities and to company culture is vital to their success with your organization. Surprise! People like to feel that they are being trained for their job. When designing such corporate training, consider that the course ought to align to your culture, be engaging, and offer the right tools and feedback to everyone up to speed. For example, a resource library or accessible interface can help reduce the amount of time it takes for your new hires to find answers to the questions they’re looking for.

Engaging onboarding training can decrease onboarding time, increase focus and productivity, and create enrichment in your organization’s workforce. Encourage your new employees’ ambition, drive, and imagination and they will be more likely to use the tools provided to succeed in their roles.

Brand Training:

What does brand training do? The basic idea is that it educates employees about the brand and what it stands for. But it can be so much more! A deep, personal brand experience allows every employee to illustrate the company identity with passion and confidence.

Craft a consistent message internally as well as externally.

You can create engagement by showing context, using tangible brand examples, and giving practical exercises. The brand itself is a vehicle to engage employees, so take advantage of it! Use innovative learning assets to breathe new life into workplace training. Technology-powered programs can mobilize your vision and optimize the learning experience to drive home the brand experience.

Craft a consistent message internally as well as externally to promote your brand inside and out. Brand ambassadors are vital to success, and they aren’t limited to people who buy your products—it’s everyone in your company as well.


Corporate training in each of the intersections we mentioned above are making a difference for clients with whom we’ve had the pleasure of working with through the years. Some recent examples of award-winning courses include:

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