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Unlock the Power of Sales Enablement Training

An emergency news bulletin pops up on the television: “This just in: salespeople all over the metropolis are having a real doozy of a day. It appears that a horde of marauding monsters are invading, attacking with unmatched speed and agility. They’ve been keeping their targets unfocused and off-balance throughout the assault. But wait, what’s this? Aha! We’re getting reports of heroes making an appearance in the battle. It’s the AllenComm Avengers!”

It turns out that when your sales force doesn’t have the information they need, their jobs get a lot harder. It’s easy to be thrown off by a potential client who asks difficult questions, or by miscommunication between the salesperson and the buyer. Sales enablement training shifts the focus from the seller to the buyer, ensuring a conversation tailored to the buyer’s needs right from the start.

Here’s how the different learning leader types resolve the challenge of sales enablement training (take the learning leader quiz to see what your style is):

Cutting Edge (Trailblazer):

Customers are tired of the same old sales pitches. Let’s show our salesforce how to sell a way of life instead of products.”

Cutting Edge clearly sees that a product is more than a pitch or a blurb—it’s a lifestyle choice. When sales enablement training is done right, it provides your employees with a way to tell a compelling story about a product.

Building engagement with both your buyers and sellers requires thinking differently about your products. People want something that shapes or is shaped by their lifestyle. Creating these contexts for your products will provide your salespeople with an attractive narrative that draws people in.

Exabyte (Go-getter):

The best way to make customers happy is for salespeople to get to the point. We need training that simultaneously helps our team quickly recognize a customer’s needs while providing them with different pitches that meet those needs.”

Exabyte uses her resourceful abilities to pare down different types of employee training to the most necessary parts: the needs of the customer and the knowledge of the salesperson. Armed with these tools, she creates a solution tailored to the need.

The buyer’s journey is an essential part of preparing your salespeople for every eventuality. They need to see how the awareness, consideration, and decision stages of the process are all influenced by the products that the salespeople sell. Every detail of the product needs to be considered critically and thoughtfully in order to impact the buyer most effectively

Adapt-a-Girl (Game Changer):

Let’s take a look at the numbers and establish a few baselines. Once we build a solid foundation of data and analytics, we can begin to train our salesforce to harness industry trends and customer profiles to maximize their sales opportunities.”

Adapt-a-Girl’s love for numbers and data drive her to create innovative training that has a solid factual foundation that keeps the program grounded, streamlined, and effective. Her rigorous standards ensures quality sales enablement training.

Your employee training should scale with the needs that those employees face—whether it’s content and resource libraries, sales materials, product details, or a combination of these. Reaching your entire organization will be absolutely necessary to get everyone on board. Equipping your sales force with the right information at the right time is vital to future success.

Ralphie (Mix Master):

Today’s customers value options above everything else. Our sales enablement training should focus on teaching the sales team how to be flexible and vary their approach to meet a wide variety of customer needs.”

The Mix Master’s approach takes strategies from all over the board to create just the right blend. Performance mapping and unified objectives help to create memorable training; e-learning and micro-learning strategies take it a step further into excellence.

Facilitate different perspectives by involving your marketing department in enabling your sales team. Their knowledge of company perception is invaluable to getting your enablement training off the ground and moving effectively. Plus, buy-in and support from your entire organization will help unify the message you want to create. There are many different customers with a wide variety of potential needs, so building flexibility and providing multiple resources is key to reaching them.

You have incredible potential as a learning leader. Finding the right employee training methods to enhance your organization, empower performance, and yield results will be key as you continue to develop your teams. How do you see the challenges of sales enablement training evolving? Have questions or thoughts about a project you want to share? Feel free to contact us!