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Link’spiration™ February 19th – Reaching the Podium

Link’spiration™ February 19th – Reaching the Podium

Link’spiration™ – A chance to be surprised and inspired by unexpected connections

We love the Olympics, and we’re proud that so many Utah athletes have done so well. We certainly know about training and development in this state, just ask Steve Holcomb, Kaitlyn Farrington, or Sage Kotsenburg. In the spirit of the Olympic Games, we’ve awarded medals to three standout sites that have recently caught our attention. These are fantastic examples of how information can be easily placed into a website to teach an audience about a product, event, or service.


Ted Ligety Giant Slalom NY Times linkAlthough Ted Ligety will always be gold to us (he is our home state star from Park City, Utah), this scrolling site comes in close second. The navigation is easy and the combination of video and text is clean and consistent. We especially like how there is added motion graphic work as a video overlay. We’d like to try this out in instructional videos.

Ted Ligety – Giant Slalom

Discover Store Sony linkSony’s site about the collaboration between artist and engineer definitely moved us. The robust combination of motion and video makes every scroll visually interesting. The availability of additional videos and light boxes creates a nice layering effect that feels unified and delightful. The Smartphone version doesn’t hold up in terms of motion design, but it is still clean and easy to navigate.

Sony – Engeneers and Artists


Meet Your MX linkMeet Your MX combines up/down scrolling with side to side scrolling in a seamless way. There are a fair amount of interactive information overlays. This site has a clean finish, but it isn’t quite as sleek as the gold and silver winners. And, it takes longer to discern what this website is all about.

Almost Human – Meet Your MX

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