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Training Technology Must Include Social Elements to Be Effective

Does your digital learning program include social learning elements? Use of training technology to create learning modules and courses that may be used remotely – either through blended or hybrid learning, or as a supplemental digital resource – have made learning more flexible and accessible than ever. But to maintain effective learning programs that engage learners, any program must include social elements added to training technology.

Why? Consider the results of recent research included in the 2021 LinkedIn Workplace Learning Report. According to data gathered from LinkedIn Learning, users who used social learning features spent 30 times more hours learning than those that didn’t. Additionally, surveys of Learning and Development (L&D) professionals globally showed that 91% believe that employees that learn together are more successful. 

Those results demonstrate two powerful value-adds to using social training technology: increased engagement levels, and better employee connection to their organization and internal team. Both of those elements – engagement, and a sense of belonging and connection – contribute to learner success. Increased attention in courses helps with learner retention. Connection to teams build a self-sustaining positive reward and motivation system for employees.

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So, how can you add a social element to existing learning programs?

Training Technology for Social Learning You May Already Have Available

You don’t have to completely redesign your learning content to make it more social, or find opportunities to add training technology. The list below represents options that may be available to you already.

  • Online Learning Groups – Build community by having everyone involved in a training program jump online and leave comments, interact, or just share links and resources.
  • Chat – Any chat software that your team uses regularly can make learning more interactive.
  • Q&A – Encourage training participants to post questions for the instructor or the group to get clarification on learning topics. Giving and receiving feedback helps everyone feel connected and reinforces learning.
  • Feedback Opportunities – Instructors, trainers, and management should all take opportunities to review and provide feedback on activities.
  • Zoom and Teams – If your team already uses these platforms, you have a built-in system for social learning. Hop on video calls to have quick check-ins.

Training Technology to Add to Your Learning Management System

Could you use a redesign of your content or systems to make it more social? One option you’ll want to consider is using gamification principles in your design.

Gamified training provides feedback to employees as they participate in activities to increase engagement and motivation. It turns learning into a game, and sometimes a friendly competition in a social learning environment. You can read more about gamification and how to use it here.

Depending on your needs, you may also want to add a learning portal to organize your content for easy access and to simplify organization. You might use eLearning content platforms with custom activities and templates to design your social learning solution, or performance support technology (such as Siteline by AllenComm) to add team communication into an easy to use desktop and mobile-friendly solution. (Read more about AllenComm’s training technology solutions here.)