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Engagement Weekly: Employee Engagement Essentials

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at a few employee engagement essentials.

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1. Upbeat Music Can Make Employees More Cooperative

Harvard Business Review – Music represents a potentially valuable and inexpensive channel for improving performance in environments where cooperation is prized. Read More

2. 8 Things You Must Know to Automate Human Resource Processes – The kinds of information challenges typical of HR processes are amplified by the business challenges now facing HR professionals. HR professionals are assuming a different—and more strategic role—within their organizations. Read More

3. The Yen, The Dollar, and TPS – Toyota’s decision to have every employee engaged in cost reduction ideas has paid great dividends. Read More

4. Forget Empowerment and Engagement – This is How You Motivate Employees

Fortune – Everyone talks about company culture, but most people have it backwards. If you want to motivate your team, find a purpose you believe in. Read More

5. Employee Engagement Essentials: Inspiring New Employees from Day 1

LinkedIn – If you approach employee engagement early enough through onboarding, the long term benefits on corporate culture can be easily realized. Read More

6. It’s High Time We Give up the Ghost on Employee Engagement

Fistful of Talent – Focus on building strong cultures and treating employees better. Get that right and you won’t need to worry about engagement, because engagement will take care of itself. Read More

7. How to Keep Your Millennial Employees from Leaving You – Two-thirds of millennials are planning to leave their current organization by 2020. Here’s how to keep that from happening. Read More

8. 3 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement

ContentLoop – Instead of thinking about employee engagement, you should be thinking about ways to engage employees, or how you can engage with employees. Read More

9. Chipotle Ruling Shows Importance of Employee Social Media Engagement

Econsultancy – While most companies’ social media efforts are customer-focused, a recent ruling serves as a reminder that employee social media strategy is very important too. Read More

10. 10 Tips for Managers Wishing to Build Employee Engagement – If an employee’s highest-order values are incongruent with what they do everyday, everyone in the team or company suffers. Here are some tips to prevent that. Read More