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Engagement Weekly: Different Factors in Engagement

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at different factors that affect engagement and disengagement.

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1. Developing Employees’ Strengths Boosts Sales, Profit, and Engagement

Harvard Business Review – There’s significant potential in developing what is innately right with people versus trying to fix what’s wrong with them. Read More

2. The Short, Online Course in Gratitude That Can Make You a Better Boss

Fast Company – When managers exercise positive psychology, employees and organizations benefit.  Read More

3. Stephen Bevan on Evidence Based HR, Technology and Bad Performance Management

Personnel Today – “HR professionals are still the people who tell you that you can’t do something.” Read More

4. Employee Referral Programs: Why They Matter and How to Optimize Them

HappieHour – One of the most effective recruiting strategies, in terms of time invested and future employee retention, is also one of the cheapest ways to hire.

5. Employee Performance: A Pervasive Myth

The Context of Things – The main problem with employee performance is that it is largely run by bad HR departments. Read More

6. How to Become a More Strategic Leader

Women on Business – Most business leaders are so busy working that they neglect to work on their businesses in strategically meaningful ways that drive greater levels of success. Read More

7. 3 Things You’ll Find in Every Highly Productive Workplace

iOffice – While there are subjective factors that contribute to employee engagement, your actual work environment can provide tangible factors that drive engagement and productivity as well. Read More

8. 21 Employee Engagement Ideas That Get Results

Ving! – A list of unique and different ideas to keep employees engaged as the year winds down. Read More

9. Here’s Why Recognition is the Key to Employee Engagement – Employee recognition is directly tied to employee engagement. Everyone wants to go home feeling like they did a good job, that they were valued, that their input mattered, and it was appreciated. Read More

10. Employee Disengagement is Far More Interesting than Employee Engagement

LinkedIn – Employee disengagement is far more interesting than employee engagement, and they are not a mirror. These are 4 causes of disengagement. Read More