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How L&D Challenges Affect the Use of Training Trends

Have you ever wanted to know what other learning and development professionals are dealing with? What are their challenges, goals and the current state of their training? We know the things L&D departments deal with affect the modalities they’ll use to address those challenges. So earlier this year when we released our 2016 training trends ebook, we created a training trends quiz to go along with it.

We asked participants 8 questions about the state of their training and the challenges they face, and suggested a specific trend based on the response. This infographic compiles the answers from 400 survey participants to give you a better idea of how the challenges training pros face affect what trends they may want or need to use.

To see your results, go take the 2016 Training Trends Quiz!

Infographic - How L&D Challenges Affect the Use of Training Trends

The decision to use any particular training trend should rely on an assessment of a company’s current training efforts, struggles, and opportunities. We asked participants 8 questions about the state of their training and suggested a specific training trend based on their responses. Take a look at what we learned about what challenges and needs training departments have!

How L&D Professionals Describe Their Company’s Training? 

  • Great, but could always be better: 29%
  • Complex or complicated: 19%
  • Boring, dry: 32%
  • Nonexistent: 19%

Key Training Outcomes 

  • Occupational competency: 38%
  • Familiarity with general concepts and resources: 22%
  • Understanding of the relevance and context of their work: 21%
  • Motivation and engagement: 19%

Length of Employee Training Retention

  • A few weeks: 40%
  • Long enough to pass the assessment: 28%
  • A few months: 20%
  • A really, really long time: 13%

Learner’s preferred method of access to training materials

  • Desktop or laptop: 48%
  • Asking other team members: 24%
  • Physical files or resources: 17%
  • Mobile devices (phone or tablet): 12%

Desired Training Outcomes

  • A blend of company-wide and individual-specific: 42%
  • Basically the same for everyone: 30%
  • Highly customized per job title, level of experience, or other factors: 28%

Challenges learners regularly encounter in their work

  • Urgency or deadlines: 77%
  • Stress or pressure: 71%
  • Monotonous or repetitive work: 45%
  • Competition: 36%
  • Other: 13%

Whether or not companies made team building a key component of their training

  • Yes: 50%
  • No: 50%

Participants wished their training were more…

  • Engaging: 72%
  • Effective: 70%
  • Fun: 52%
  • Meaningful: 50%
  • Accessible: 48%
  • Thorough: 26%

Training trends we recommended based on participant responses:

  • Personalization: 31% 
  • Social learning: 18%
  • Portal integration: 17%
  • Gamification: 14%
  • Microlearning: 10%
  • Video: 9%
  • Mobile: 1%

While many companies will want to use a combination of trends, we provided a general recommendation of which trend would be the most relevant to each participant’s answers.

Take the quiz to uncover which trend may be right for your company’s training program.


2016 Training Trends Quiz