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Engagement Weekly: Making Sure Employees Feel Valued

Learn about the latest in employee engagement within various industries. This week’s influential authors look at the importance of making your employees feel valued, and how to make sure that they do. Other topics include crafting better engagement surveys and implementing better hiring practices.

Get the full stories below.

1. How Remarkable Leaders Make Their Employees Feel Valued, Says Science – Whether you’re in startup mode crafting your culture, or a Fortune giant reinventing your leadership culture, there are profound ways exceptional leaders go about valuing their people. Read More

2. Is Better Employee Engagement the Solution to Hiring Woes? – When employees are engaged, they’re more committed to their employer and more likely to tell people about their positive experiences. Read More

3. Four Signs Someone is About to Quit (and What to Do to Get Them to Stay) – High employee turnover is expensive, so here are some ways to stop your best employees from quitting. Read More

4. The Irony of Employee Engagement Surveys – Engagement surveys can be effective, but too often they are simply a waste of time. Here are some ways to fix them.

5. The Truth About Employee Engagement Strategies – Many organizations have tried to replicate engagement building strategies from successful companies, but they just don’t seem to deliver the expected results. Why? Read More

6. Expert Tips to Make Meetings Faster and More Focused – In an effort not to waste any more time—or money—on fruitless meetings, here are some pro tips for making any meeting more productive. Read More

7. 3 Skills All Bosses Need To Learn Today – Exceptional leaders shine the spotlight on their people by developing them—a key retention strategy that will give you a competitive advantage. Read More

8. How the Concept of “Purpose” Can Make a Huge Difference in Attracting Talent

LinkedIn – Meaning, direction and purpose are more important to prospective hires than money. Here is how to make sure they find those things. Read More

9. The Difference Between Offering Employee Autonomy and Lazy Management – Employees crave autonomy, to use their unique skills to accomplish tasks as they see fit without being micromanaged. Read More

10. Are You Filling Jobs or Consciously Hiring? – When your company breaks free from archaic hiring methods and begins to recruit and hire in a conscious manner, it has an organization-wide benefit.  Read More